Comment: Ph. D. student with pre-med degree~~~this makes NO SENSE

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Ph. D. student with pre-med degree~~~this makes NO SENSE

The most unbelievable part of this "story" is that we have a pre-med grad student who was the top of his class going for Ph. D. degree committing mass murder??

None of this makes sense. There is NO MOTIVE and NO MONEY to buy the $20k arsenal.

I'm just saying that NONE of this makes sense, and where is the guy who opened the door that had a CELL PHONE call during the movie?? I mean, a student, a young man who has THAT MUCH going for him does not go out and blow innocent people away, then, even more incredulous, waits around by his car for the police to arrest him? Why weren't the police nabbing him immediately as he exited the theatre?? It takes ONLY 3 MINUTES for an ambulance to get to most homes. It took those police, what, 20 minutes? Is that correct?

Are the local news reporters getting on this? I just don't buy this at all~~~~unless the government wants to pin this on young white males. After 9/11, nothing would surprise me. I lost an acquaintance that day, Bill Meehan. And, the ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS investigating 9/11 have proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that our very own government was involved in that.