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Your fallacies also abound

The poster is calling for effective mental health practice as a way to prevent public shootings, not as a prerequisite to gun ownership.

Are you saying that shooting people in public is sane? Are you relying on current "mental health professionals" to tell us when someone is mentally ill or that as internationally sanctioned government monopolies they are the only ones who can provide "health care"?

A sane person is not part of that set that does senseless murders. Hitler was not sane. The "elite" are not sane. They may be cold and calcualting and highly efficient at "reasoning" but they perpetrate the most extreme insanity -- war.

If they are the major cause of trouble on Earth then and EFFECTIVE mental health practice would recognise that.

Many people used to get succour from ministers before communism started attacking religion and passed it onto the collectivists who now carry on its basic principles through our new world governments; and before ministers studied psychology which takes no cognizance of the human spirit and frequently denies its existence.

Gvernments have used the current "mental health" practices to imprison their opponents and as the justification for "ethnic cleansing". They also stir up religions against each other in the war on teror to protect their monopoly on mental health while suicide rates and international deaths soar.