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Comment: In a Free Society....

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In a Free Society....

.... oh, wait. This is not a free society and this is an exceptionally bad time for liberty. The statists on the left are calling for more "common sense" gun control while statists on the right are calling for government determinations of peoples future sanity.

This morning on the Sunday morning broadcast TV news shows I heard calls for citizens to report "suspicious" neighbors to the cops, restrict clip sizes, ban assault weapons, have professionals (read teachers) report odd students and have the government track and respond to internet activity. There was even one talking head who went unchallanged when he stated the Founders had no intention of citizens being allowed to own weapons comparable with those of the government.

Much of the narrative was based on scoffing at the idea that having other armed citizens in the theatre could have helped. All those against the idea spoke of how was one guy with a gun going to stand up to the arsenal the shooter used. They miss the point.

The shooter's actions are the acts of a coward. He purposely went to a place he knew people would be unarmed. He wore body armor. He smoked the room to obscure his actions. Face it, he didn't go to the gun range and do this.

What if prior to the attack the attacker had reason to believe a good portion of the people in the theatre could be armed? When this possibility came up the talking heads immediately jumped to the unpleasant picture of a fire fight in the theatre. Not one mentioned the deterrent value during the planning stage.

I have no idea what was going on in that young man's mind. I see many using the result of his actions for a political agenda.