Comment: The infiltraors have trashed this thread so . . .

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The infiltraors have trashed this thread so . . .

I'm not even sure who you are replying to.

This forum is so inadequate with no quote feature it is a joke. That and the fact that it is a total memory hog with web 2.0 scouring of my browser trying to find info to display ads I might want, that it is very unmanageble.

No, I'm too poor to afford a faster computer. Why am I poor? Because I advocate the best mental health care and courts are against it so they deprive me of my constitutional rights while protecting government that violates state health and safety codes.

The director of my counties mental health department approved of my proposal for mental health care so much, she had the chief medical doctor of the department write this letter stating the department was gping to "carry my request forward to the state mental health department". Here is a scan of the letter.

The answer in writing was stopped by the county supervisors because my FOIA request for it which was file stamped and placed in the records of the clerk of the board was removed from the clerks records AND the supervisors records.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?