Comment: I think there is a kernel of truth to this post

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I think there is a kernel of truth to this post

People that do support the 2nd amendment on the whole are less likely to tend to be compassionate or understanding of mental illness, while those that oppose guns on the whole tend to propose the AMA/Big Pharma route which is sometimes worse than doing nothing. There are a few people out there that have figured out that mental illness is best treated holistically, specifically with orthomolecular medicine and family support. But, our state's department of health always promote what? Big Pharma/AMA! Our non-representatives promote what? Big Pharma/AMA and total denial of any family rights at all. They isolate the individual and drug them. OMG!!! What a bunch of idiocy!

You know until people catch a clue we will still be having these problems.

Furthermore, I really don't appreciate seeing the word "crazies". This shows that this person has totally dehumanized these people. They are people and they are ill and deserve to be treated with compassion and effective care. How dare they not be! How dare we turn out backs on them! How dare our non-representatives legislate to isolate them and promote toxic medications. How backwards are we? It is a national embarrassment!