Comment: The government takes the real earnings and

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The government takes the real earnings and

...supposedly does with those real earnings what the individual naturally ought to have the choice to do or not to do. Yet plenty of people are doing good with the earnings they do get to keep and with their time, despite the illusion they ought not need to.

Meanwhile the government feeds the collected real earnings into a system of debt and then borrows more in order to manipulate abdication of power from the people (individuals), making them believe they ought not need to or cannot do great things but by the hand of a powerful government. Throwing debt at problems and spawning perpetual dependency systems, finding more and more things to protect us from (even from ourselves), starting wars to sustain power and seize more influence...those are the tendencies of government.

Government only helps people forget that the choice to be charitable is always the individual's, despite costs of government apparatus erected around issues for the individual's consideration. If you want a more charitable world it is individuals you will need to convince, but you can be sure that government will be glad to take more earnings if it makes you feel better about avoiding that seemingly unending road of real human challenges.