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When Ron Paul worked at a teaching hospital was that slavery? Do people who work in the public service sector become slaves because they choose professions that serve the public interest? You are providing them a service, and they are allowing you to apply your trade. End of story. If you provide housing to a carpenter so he will help you build in your town (outside of monetary gain GASP!) that is a free association and mutually beneficial exchange. Arrangements can be made to adequately compensate an individual outside of just federal reserve notes. Ever heard of a food co-op? Your looking at this from a linear perspective, when there are more than absolutist statements that can serve to rectify these situations, hypothetical and otherwise...

Psst! It's called public SERVICE, you have a choice to do anything else. And you don't have to use money as a means of voluntary exchange. That is what Voluntarism truly is and means. Like minded people getting together to address a need in society.