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You don't understand because of YOUR choice

If you chose to not do what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do through his campaign:

Attend your local GOP central/town counsel meetings
become a CREDENTIALED delegate (campaign could have helped YOU on ALL those levels)

Then YOU disengaged, and were left to MSM to learn what was going on as an OUTSIDER.

Many delegates did not go to GOP meetings, neglected to become
credentialed, and found themselves having their seats taken away.

Blaming and bashing the campaign has always indentified one as NOT GETTING THE MESSAGE.

Hundreds of Ron Paul REPUBLICANS got the message and are not active in the GOP establishment, working at materializing Ron Paul's message. You can join us by attending your local GOP meetings, or remain outside, not understanding what is going on. We've moved to another level, and we are winning.

Last year I was the only Ron Paul Republican on my committee. Now there are five of us, and soon to be more. Why not you?

Your choice, and whatever that is, I respect that and am not putting anyone down for their choice, just standing up for those of us who made the other choice, to do what RP asked ALL of us to do.