Comment: Hypocrisy & Politics.

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Hypocrisy & Politics.

"One heart canNot have two masters, ~ ~ ~ ".

Candidates profess and claim to be Christians , at the same time stoop & bow towards zion, also give homage & tribute to the anti-christ.

The ancient nation of (the real) Israel had one Deen (law, religion), when or/after the Maseah came they split into two, = his helpers the Nassarene (Maseahi or Christian), and the deniers the Jews. This animosity continued for 19 centuries. In the last century we saw 'christian' govts supporting the zionist program. It was the Romans who ousted the jews from Palestine, and later adopted (& framed) the Christian religion. Now, Rome is having second thoughts, regrets, giving reparations, became partners in banks, the anti-christ is happy.