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Many qualified but only credentialed, those who are passed by the local committee are chosen, or in a state like mine, CA, the campaign selectes the delegates, and the election says who's delegates go to convention.

You don't know jack about what a committee is and does. Why not educate yourself and stop proving how much you enjoy being ignorant?

The campaign achieved pluarity in 5 states and stopped actively campaigning because it was apparent MSM was not going to give Ron Paul credit for OUR achievement.

What was the point of spending money so MSM can ignor and lie? It's not about Ron Paul ROCK STAR, it's about materializing the message, and we have a plan, that you refuse to engage.

Suit yourself, but know, to those of us who did engage, all you appear as a member of a Ron Paul fan club(outsider). That's great, but it's not what Ron Paul asked you to do.