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Forced Loan

Let's not forget how money enters the market: through loans.

If you know about fractional banking, You know that a loan is given from a fractional of the reserve - that's right counterfeit/fake money.

Now if the US Govt. "Loaned" money under force to banks that didn't want it. What do you think the Govt was doing? Helping Banks?

The facts of fractional Banking tell the real story. Govt needed help. Force Lent fake money to all banks - and got back real money. It wasn't the banks at all that were in trouble. It was the Govt that needed the money. Notice how it didn't take long for banks to "pay-back" the loan. Banks don't like to spend money on interest, let alone give away real money to loans.

I don't recall any bank groveling for money from the Govt. US Govt Called the Banks. It held the meetings. Then Used the banks as the fall guy; not that I support their evil factional Banking Scams. Now you see how lies are built on lies are built on lies.

Fractional Banking - Quick Explanation:

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