Comment: What is really sad and pathetic---

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What is really sad and pathetic---

I am a clinical medical lab technologist and have turned in abnormal results to doctors and they have called me back and asked "What do you think it could be?" I am not allowed to make a diagnosis. I did not go to medical school. That is their job. I can maybe give them a hint, but it is their job. They get paid the big bucks to know or find the answer. I got put on warning for being a smart ass to a doctor by telling him he should know what he is doing and to ask a colleague, not a med tech. Doctors call all the time yelling at the techs for sending results that have been re-tested several times for accuracy and demand we test again because this patient has no history of such and such. It is getting worse every year. Doctors are getting lazier and ruder. The older doctors are the best and nicest.