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As an "old doctor", Thank you. (I think.)

And you are absolutely correct that it is NOT your responsibility to tell doctors how to interpret the results of tests THEY ordered.

If I don't know what to do with a result, I don't order the test.

You SHOULD let them know if there are any probable sources for a lab error (a sample was left at room temperature or it was a difficult blood draw). Or the sample was supposed to be fasting and you saw the patient down a Twinkie in the waiting room.

You should also be willing and ready to tell them what the normal ranges are. (Not all of us carry a book with normal lab values along with our cell phone.)

But if you think you have it rough, you should ask a radiology tech. They are constantly being asked by patients to interpret the x-rays they take. And it doesn't take a medical degree to see a broken arm. But they shouldn't be telling the patient what the results are anyway. And patients shouldn't ask.

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