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Sounds like you didn't deserve a reprimand.

Doctors who lash out at their staff support aren't just arrogant, they're idiots.
Abuse has a habit of coming back to bite us, and not necessarily in the mystical Karmic sense.
We all have bad days and feel tempted to kick those that can't kick back. I think the worst I usually get is a little snarky. (Imagine that!)

A couple of days ago we were getting swamped in the ER. Since we routinely staff just one nurse I asked the nurse to call in her backup. She explained why she didn't think she needed to.

About ten minutes later the ambulance pulled in with someone who had taken an accidental overdose. When she told me she was too busy to call poison control I smiled and asked her to have the "other nurse" do it. She got the hint.

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