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Comment: I'll bet if you

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I'll bet if you

dug deep enough you would see that the best liked doctors are the ones who listen; are gentle, kind, and patient. Even if it is listening to nonsense sometimes. People are scared, lonely, and need nothing more than someone to take them seriously and validate them. Rude doctors can be excellent at their craft but most people can not see past the bad bed-side manner. That does not mean the doctor needs to pull punches - it is important to tell it like it is; lose weight, stop smoking, start exercising, stop eating crap.

I guess the key is how it's said - treat people like people and not just another name on a chart. Being a doctor is hard work. If you're in it for the money it can bring, choose another profession that does not deal with human beings.

Best ever movie that drives that point home is The Doctor with William Hurt. Good stuff.

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