Comment: Let the downvoting begin! :-p

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Let the downvoting begin! :-p

Let the downvoting begin! :-p

Mr. Spacehabitats, my sister is a PG in OBG and her hours are from 6: 30 in the morning to 8 or 9 at night. I am in the same town and she hasn't even time to meet me though we are pretty close, so I understand your parable.

Unfortunately Internet users who have found time to delve into every single conspiracy ever imagined by a schizophrenic mind lose their perspective of it.

That doctors have to work quickly and assimilate a vast amount in information in a limited amount of time seems difficult for them to grasp.

If they are looking for nutrition advice, why not go to a nutritionist? Doctors often skip meals and drink a ton of coffee to get by so they often don't make the best advisors on these matters either.

Before this disappears in a sea of red, kudos for putting up one of the most entertaining posts I've read in a long time :-) Will definitely share it far and wide.