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As I mentioned in another

As I mentioned in another post, I think Gary would have done so under different circumstances.

I don't think he would let down his supporters in that way, he's got a high degree of integrity. He MIGHT throw his support to Paul if Paul were to enter as an independent, but I don't think he would quit. And he might do this because while he'd like to win in 2012, he knows the odds are stacked against him, so he's simultaenously laying the ground for 2016 (yet another 2-prong strategy).

Since Ron has always insisted he won't run as a third party and it would be REALLY late to switch, the more honorable thing and practical thing to do would be for him to openly support Gary's bid.

But I don't expect that since he is more worried about his son's 2016 run than his own at this point, let alone Gary's. And I don't think he wants Gary building a base that could prevent Rand from winning in 2016.

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