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Did you read his comment?

I, like him live in a low income area. I live where i do because I choose to live beneath my means, gotta have money to buy that gold and silver ya know. If you don't live in a lower income area where muggings, vandalism, robberies, random gun fire, shootings and domestic disturbances are a way of life it's hard to comprehend what he is saying, but i agree almost completely. You're living up on your liberty high horse, probably in a suburb or rural area and can't see the reality some people deal with on a daily basis. We here at the daily paul and other parts of the nation who understand whats happening to our country all want liberty but there are those in neighborhoods like mine, his, and where these events occurred where "many" people for generations have relied on crime, begging, and government handouts for several generations to survive, that is reality. Notice I didn't say everybody but "many", could be 10% of the people could be 50% i havent done any scientific studies, I'm sure it depends on the area but there are more than a few in my neck of the woods that act and carry themselves in a way that separates them from the decent people in the neighborhood. He's not scapegoating anybody, he's talking about the way it is. Prejudice is not the same as racism, and when you live in this type of neighborhood prejudice keeps you alive, out of trouble, and from becoming a victim. I'm by no means saying you should hate black/Hispanic or whatever, i have a couple great neighbors who are not white and are great people, but i have a few who are not so great neighbors and guess what, they just so happen to meet a certain profile of people that are usually up to no good. If your smart, when you have to deal with these people you keep your eyes and ears open and protect yourself by being aware or your surroundings and who you are dealing with. Put it this way, when i see a crack deal going down on my street the guy selling it is usually not wearing a cardigan, sweater vest and tight rolled dockers.

You definitely don't sound like a weak person, I'm sure you're a strong liberty supporter and for that i thank you for being a part of what will eventually fix our whoas, but pardon me for the name calling, but you do sound foolish, confusing reality with idealism.