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Suggestion for everybody: I

Suggestion for everybody: I realize many of you were never involved in politics until you discovered Ron Paul. I respect that, and I think its one of the greatest things Ron has done, bringing new people into the fold and giving them a voice. However, if you have never been involved before, you may not understand certain things as well as people who have been doing it a while. Let me explain a few things:

1. Ron Paul hired Jesse Benton. Not the RNC. Jesse is married to Ron Paul's granddaughter for god's sake, they are obviously very close. Jesse Benton may have a different strategy than what some of you would like, but he is not a secret spy trying to sabotage the Ron Paul movement.

2. Regardless of whether the lawsuit is successful or not, which I don't believe it will be, Romney delegates are not going to simply change their mind because we give them a few handouts or whatever. Ron Paul's vote total at the convention may jump somewhat if the lawsuit were to be successful, but he would not win the nomination.

3. One of the biggest lies in American politics is the importance of the presidential race. As the Clinton administration proves, Congress guides policy far more than the president. For that reason, Ron Paul losing the nomination is far from the end of the movement. There are a number of terrific candidates nationwide, and the money going towards the lawsuit would be much better spent getting them elected.

4. Ron Paul has said he will not win the nomination. Don't believe me? Here's a link. And another link. And another.

The liberty movement needs to shift focus. Ron Paul's time as a politician is over. Lets turn our attention to people like Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Ted Cruz, Kerry Bentivolio, and, yes, Rand Paul, because they are the ones to lead us into the future.