Comment: "If you can't doesn't stand up for freedom"

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"If you can't doesn't stand up for freedom"

If one "can't doesn't" understand that the poster has a specific job that requires them to travel great distances in a short amount of time under strict production deadlines, and then make asinine ignorant comments about them needing to take the bus or wear a burlap robe, then one might rethink their idiotic statements.

The person you are responding to has given more time, money, and energy toward this campaign than you have probably mustered in a decade.
(see I can make ignorant assumptions too)
They ALREADY take a risk with their professional career doing what they've done for RP. I know this because I know them personally.

"Liberty isn't free"

Neither is a house, cars, bills, food, taxes, and everything else it takes to survive in this world without having some sheriff throw you and your belongings out onto the yard..

Maybe the poster should just go live in a tent with a big sign on it that says "liberty isn't free, donations appreciated." Yeah, that would show them.

You have to pick your battles in this fight. Some people are content with confronting border patrol employees, or being assholes to every cop they run across, and some work in a more stealth fashion and make it much farther to the goal than the ones that mindlessly sacrifice themselves in the "first wave."

Think about that next time you pop off with your keyboard career advice.