Comment: Who is betty, and where does she get her facts from?

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Who is betty, and where does she get her facts from?

"People that do support the 2nd amendment on the whole are less likely to tend to be compassionate or understanding of mental illness,"

This makes me so angry! Did you do some polling? Assumed anyone with a gun is trigger happy and treats everyone as a target?

I am well acquainted with people with mental illness on a personal level, with heart-breaking experiences to boot, so don't sell me the line that gun ownership equates with a lack of compassion for those with mental health issues!

I could easy use the same logic and claim your lack of owning firearms means you are irresponsible and callously indifferent to protect your family and neighbors from harm!

But I can prove historically how one government confiscated all private arms from its citizens, and dealt with mental illness among its unarmed citizens with organized euthanasia as the Final Solution-- Care to guess which one I am referring to?

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