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Here was my comment to the article

What kind of fraud is preventing Dr. Paul from speaking at the convention? He has a plurality of delegates from at least 5 states (Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Louisiana, Nevada). RNC rules state that if you get a plurality from 5 states your name can be placed in nomination and given 15 minutes to give a speech. Yes, most of his 22 NV delegates are bound to vote for Romney in the first round. However, no where in the rules does it state this prevents them from nominating him. Yes, the RNC is a private organization and they can make up their own rules. However, these are their current rules. The US taxpayers give about 36 million dollars for these conventions combined, so don’t we deserve to hear all views from the parties. If not the US taxpayers should stand up and demand no more taxpayer funding for these. If the RNC wants to commit fraud let them do it with their own funds and funds from private contributors who endorse fraud.

So where is a official statement from the RNC that states Dr. Paul didn’t get a plurality of delegates from 5 states and he will not be speaking at the convention. While they are at it, we would also like to see a statement on why this is the first year they wanted the MA delegates to sign a pledge from the delegates that they would vote for Romney. If they believe they did this legally and without committing fraud, they should have the balls to back it up and not pass the buck to the Romney camp.