Comment: No substance and logic to your post-Explain "Idiot" please:)

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No substance and logic to your post-Explain "Idiot" please:)

anothernobody wrote:
"Hypnosis with nitrous oxide. You're crazy."

You are distorting, labeling and minimizing. People started using that gas in the 1820's for various therapies.

FACT-The PhD director of the mental health depart put in writing, signed by the chief medical doctor that they were going to carry my request forward to the state.

You are selective towards approving of lawless government. The FOIA request was unanswered, a violation of federal law. Then the record of the FOIA were removed from public keeping where they were entrusted.

But you don't notice. Your argument shows you are against reason and using it for protection of gun rights.

anothernobody wrote:
"First you seem to think that everyone who has a violent episode is mentally ill which is totally untrue".

You misrepresent what I say.

I say America has no effective mental health care.

anothernobody wrote:
"Secondly you say that mental health care is inadequate, misdirected and doing more harm than good so you propose new and equally dangerous methods of mind control. A drug induced direct mind control that could very well be used to create more drone attackers."

I would expect methods of public monitoring and video records to make that VERY dangerous to attempt.

anothernobody wrote:
"Third you say that our wayward society is responsible for the "mental illness" of the masses and is what is causing these people to lash out. But instead of advocating changing our corrupt society you instead advocate hypnotizing people using nitrous oxide in order to make them accept the shitty society we live in. Talk about mental problems, have you ever been treated?"

You've shown you approve of lawless government and are selective in your uses of information to do that. The procedure has defacto approval in writing which I've provided. Nitrous has been used for 60 years to assist hypnosis and it works.
I'm hoping to be treated for PTSD from legal abuse.

anothernobody wrote:
"Hypnotism which is nothing more than voodoo which likewise only works on the simple minded and ignorant. A witch doctor approach that if it really did work would make it the perfect tool for the control freaks who wish to take away our rights."

More cognitive distortions, labeling and "all or nothing thinking". The nitrous increases the effects greatly. It is a complex procedure that needs to be developed.
Government violates laws to avoid development of MH care and you approve. Hmmm, and you say you are for gun rights?

anothernobody wrote:
"You sir are an idiot."

I'm very certain you do not know the actual meaning of the word or its root origin. If you try to define it you will prove yourself one.

anothernobody wrote:
"and your hypnotist scheme is lunacy. You think backwards and have no true grasp on reality just like most of you mind jobbers. And no matter how much you call your detractors "cognitive infiltrators" it doesn't make it true. You are not hypnotizing anyone here with your jedi mind tricks."

Your distortions and illogic expose you as one not interested in law or rights.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?