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there were two well defined groups before Iowa as well

When the campaign wanted people to stay home and not go to the Iowa caucuses most people listened, some people however questioned the camapign's strategy. This caused quite a stir among supporters on this website. Jesse Benton has raised the eyebrows of many supporters with some of the decisions that he has made for almost a year now. The campaign knows best crowd uses any criticism of Paul's handlers for an excuse to use personal attacks against those in the same tent to defend a man who seems unable to get it done.
Paul may become president...if he does, I think that the campaign took a lot harder road to get there than they had to. If the best candidate cannot overcome the obstacles necessary to win I have a good idea what happened.
After the dust settles and when a history of accounts are written, it may become apparent to "real" supporters that there have been colossal mistakes made by the Paul campaign. Nobody can argue whether Jesse Benton was the right man for the job in September. He will either get it done or he won't. Think about Santorum and Gingrich, they are both very unappealing characters yet they they managed to exceed expectations. They were both long shots early on yet they were in it to win it. They beat almost all expectations with almost no ground support to become real threats. Paul had money and supporters early on......there should be no excuses.