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Before you respond to this thread

Or go through the trouble of reading all the responses let me summarize for you.

This guy Christopher A Brown thinks that the medical field of psychobabble doesn't have enough ammo in it's arsenal to mess with peoples minds and claims that more "effective mental health care" is needed.

He thinks that HIS idea of putting people under the influence of nitrous oxide and hypnotizing them is "effective mental health care". Because if you get deep enough into their subconscious then you can make them accept society as it is ,

He believes that people who commit violence do so because they are being deprived of HIS "effective mental health care". Because mentally ill people know they are mentally ill and know that HIS "effective mental health care" is not available to help them. So they lash out at society and

And he believes that the government is suppressing HIS "effective mental health care" so they can take our guns away.

In short Mr Brown has a the idea that if the government would just allow his psycho brainwashing hypnosis as a form of "mental health care" then all the crazies will flock to the mindjobbers for treatment and our 2nd Amendment rights will be secure from further erosion because all gun violence will stop. Thus there would be no need for mandatory screening.

Perhaps Mr Brown is just a little angry that he didn't make a ton of money from the government off of his proposal. That's how these people work, get the government to back their "whatever" and then you have it made. And he has complained that he doesn't have enough money.

Also, it seems to me, that if HIS method is capable of what he says then it would be the perfect tool to make some genius college kid go on a killing spree in a movie theater. Just pump a little nitrous oxide into his room and send in MR Brown to embed the orders into the kids subconscious. Kinda makes all those mind altering drugs look a little feeble in comparison.