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common practice here

People go off on attacks, often times personal based on assumptions without spending the time to understand intent.
Romney has recently been criticized by Rupert Murdoch for running an amateurish campaign, and by others for being too soft on the Dems gangster/thug style reelection machine, but that does not mean that Mr. Murdoch does not like, support or won't vote for Romney. It is just hard to sit silent while watching as opportunity after opportunity is squandered and your candidate is taking unnecessary punches.
James Carville understands the importance of staying on topic and if your opponent is trying to kick you in the balls drill them right back with everything you got. Chicago style politicians get voted in for a reason. They don't care about getting dirty, or they have someone else get the job done for them.
Jesse Benton is no Lee Atwater or James Carville, but he should have tried making nice with the RNC before Iowa if ever. Now he is trying to estsblish good rapport after they handed our teeth back to us. He was in over his head from the jump, and if he knew anything about politics he should have known better than to take the job.
Nobody has been elected to office in our lifetime without at least one heavy hitter in their corner. Look what happened to Michelle Bachmann when she did not listen to her professional campaign manager and he walked....she tanked as soon as the news broke.