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Comment: Some of You Still Don't Get It

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Some of You Still Don't Get It

Some of you have expressed confusion as to the character of "the RNC" and "the GOP" and "the campaign" referring to groups of people. Some have good opinions, and some have bad, of these groups.

This is collectivism in action and it causes conflict.

Groups are made up of individuals. Clearly some individuals are more helpful than others, and one individual does not speak for all.

It is a waste of time to generalize about these groups, after all, if all politicians are bad, incumbents are bad, Congress is remiss, then that includes Ron Paul, and that's obviously not fair. Reach out and make friends with individuals--just because some are scared of us and react badly, does not mean they all are.

And, unless you were there and have first hand knowledge, I doubt you can tell me whether Jesse Benton was truthful or not. At any rate, sometimes it makes sense to call someone "helpful" to motivate them to live up to it.

What do you think?