Comment: I am not counting out Dr. Paul, not even close.

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I am not counting out Dr. Paul, not even close.

I am not counting out Ron Paul at all. The entire post was regarding pushing the message of liberty, because we do have to consider that as a goal. If we delay our support of Gary Johnson until after Tampa, it may be too late to get him into the debates. If that happens, and Dr. Paul is not the nominee, then those of us who support the message of liberty are going to be left out of the debates. All I am saying is that we should show Johnson some support. By all means, keep fighting for Dr. Paul to win, I know I am. But, it is not going to hurt Dr. Paul or the liberty message at all to support Johnson. Sometimes we really do have to consider the message and what we can do to get it out to as many people as possible. Supporting Gary Johnson so that he can be a part of the presidential debates would be a good move.

Think about it, if Mittens wins the nom, we still have Johnson talking about liberty. If Dr. Paul gets the nom, we can have BOTH Dr. Paul and Johnson talking about liberty vs. Obama. Would that really be such a bad thing?