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Comment: Generalizations usually do not include details of solution

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Generalizations usually do not include details of solution

Henry wrote:
"I don't think mental health treatment is the answer. First of all, most of the current mental health care is bogus;"

Gee Henry, you must have only reading the replies rather than the OP.

I agree, the current mental heath care is bogus. My point has been, that government is unlawfully blocking the development of effective mental health care and psychology is too afraid. because of that, to step out on their own to demand it be done.

We are paying with lives and loss of rights.

Meaning your first premise for objection to this is resolved IF you really want to protect gun rights.

Henry wrote:
"Secondly, no matter how much of it is dispensed, there will always be people who are a danger to the rest of us, but until they act, they have the right to live in freedom."

Again true, but the generalization is not a reasonable argument against the development of effective health care, which is what I propose.

We need to see the results on mass media of effective health care, then those who might kill will be informed of alternatives. If it is effective, it will save immense amounts of public funds eventually.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?