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Hey Now

Hi Nonna!!!

Yeah I did say:

"Unless... Dokes set this up, I hope you get wind and expose a false flag. What happened here is exactly what the neocons FEAR will happen in Tampa."

Thank you for the compliment Nonna. Politics is a dirty business, and there's no way I would have gone there without Ron Paul as a leader, or political guilding light. It's a huge learning curve, but a darn good one.

I think Dokes and his wife set it up because what happened is exactly what the Neocons FEAR is going to happen at the convention. I just hope there is a break in the story and Dokes is exposed as a fraud. We are winning and why he would do what he did, and why Holyfeild has no reason to do what Dokes claims he did. Seems Dokes tried to get Holyfeild involved, and that didn't happen!! ;))