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A Surefire and Legal Way to Increase the Honorable Harry Reid's favorbility Rating

To the Honorable Harry Reid,

Your Congressional Favorability Rating is 52% Unfavorable.

The majority of the people want an Audit of the Federal Reserve.

The majority of the people want want Obamacare repealed.

Democrats will need to retain all their seats in the Senate if they want a chance of opposing a repeal.
Assuming you want to keep it...

The path to a higher Favorability rating and thus more votes, seems clear, allow S.202 to come to a vote.
As a bonus you help to ensure the retention of your seat in the Senate and are thus able to oppose or support a repeal of Obamacare as you will.

H.R. 459 has passed with bipartisan support in the House 327 - 98. This bill's counterpart, S.202, currently has 22 co-sponsors. Yet you said "the Fed audit bill will never reach the Senate floor".
Given that there is now a majority support for an Audit of the Fed amongst the people, the Congress and most importantly your constituents, do you really think it wise to even slightly anger them?
You do realize there is an up and coming Election?

Seems you have some thinking to do, I leave you to it.

An American citizen concerned about our incremental loss of Liberty
and the consistent devaluation of our currency.


Though I feel dirty for having sent it, I don't want him to retain his seat.