Comment: We waited for the Libertarian

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We waited for the Libertarian

We waited for the Libertarian Convention, which Gary handily won. And we waited for Ron Paul to announce that he was no longer in it to win it (several months ago). Waiting until the Republican Convention seems both arbitrary and senseless given that Ron has unofficially dropped out of the race.

And what then? Will the new excuse be that "well, he hasn't officially announced that he won't run as an an independent yet"?

Unless Romney actually dies in some freak accident or dies of a heart attack, he is the nominee. And even then, the idea that Republicans would allow Ron Paul be the nominee is pretty absurd. They would resurrect Michelle Bachmann before allowing it.

I understand you built up a bunch of emotions and hope into pulling a hat trick in Tampa, but last I heard, Ron Paul hasn't even qualified as a potential nominee. And his son has long ago backed someone else, admitting his father was out of it.

I don't know what more you need in order to start to look at the reality of what has happened.

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