Comment: I'm curious, Todd. How did

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I'm curious, Todd. How did

I'm curious, Todd. How did it feel to check out what I said and then find out that it is completely true after you start off your post with, and I quote:

"I would advise you to state the true facts before you spout out lies and half truths regarding the situation here in Arkansas and with the former Cordinator < Sic >."

I can only imagine how embarrassing it must have been to write that, and then find out that it is all 100% true and also 100% verifiable. And also that taking 10 minutes to check into this before you go and accuse another delegate of intentionally lying to troll up trouble, would have saved you from looking like a complete and utter boob who doesn't know what he's talking about.

No hard feelings though. I know you aren't a bad guy, you've just bought into everything that Monica has told you, including that you *must* vote for Romney. Btw, back before her and I had our "disagreement" I had a discussion with her about the chosen delegates. As I recall, she did not like how you were dressed at the district meeting, or your "crazy ideas" (I don't know what she was specifically referring to), but she did like how she can count on you to do what you are told; to obey her without question--apparently you were the first delegate and only delegate to respond agreeing to sign pledges/email the state GOP reaffirming you would vote for Romney.

As to the issue between me and Monica, even after all that has happened, I invited her to meet with me and 3 other people in the liberty movement to try to put out the fires and move forward. Instead of just saying no or not responding, she copied several people from the national campaign in her hate-filled response. That woman is vindictive and tyrannical when anyone disagrees with her, and has had an explosive falling out with nearly everyone in our state. The reason you have never seen this side of her is because you have never disagreed with her or stood up against her "orders". Maybe someday she can develop a less confrontational/abrasive management style and be a valuable asset to the liberty movement. And if she is able to resolve her personal issues, get past her grudges and put aside all this "drama" then I would happily welcome her back and support her.

But she's a woman, so I wouldn't be counting on it.