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It's ridiculous

While ABC “news’ is trying to spin up a new “psycho-killer” narrative and the “crazed spitter” explanation for why they keep James Holmes gagged (they don’t want one of these “I’m just a patsy” moments), the officials making this case up as they go along have gone completely crazy. And I mean completely f*in out of their minds, puppets on their hands, Batman-shit crazy.
This propaganda campaign to try James Holmes in the court of public opinion seems like it’s being run by drugged-up desperate half-wit pre-schoolers and I think this time, they may have just screwed up way beyond reproach.
Boy was I overestimating the people who are running this little psyop.
Stick figure drawing confessions. I f*in shit you not… a STICK FIGURE DRAWING CONFESSION.
Here’s the story… you just can’t make up stuff like this.

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