Comment: My email to Harry Reid

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My email to Harry Reid

I sent Mr. Reid an email, voicing my concern, I think we all should do the same.

Dear Mr. Reid,
I am writing you today as a gravely concerned American. I gladly watched the House pass H.R. 459 (Audit the Fed) today with a vote of 327-98. A three-fourths majority. 90 Democrats came across the aisle in support, proving this bill's bi-partisan nature. However, you have made statements saying you will not let the Senate's version of the bill, S. 202, come up for a vote. This is troubling sir, this bill already has 22 co-sponsors. Furthermore, you supported an Audit of the Fed in 1995, so what has changed since then to affect your position? Has the Fed stopped robbing the American people, and the 99% while working under a shroud of secrecy? Or is it just the fact that this bill was passed with overwhelming Republican support that has you up in arms? If that is the case, then that is truly deplorable. It is more of the same political pandering that has become commonplace in Washington. You are not voting based on your personal beliefs, you are voting based on your party's beliefs. Meanwhile, with no oversight, the Federal Reserve bails out big banking with main street's income, via the unconstitutional personal income tax. Mr. Reid, please vote for this bill, it is a common sense piece of legislation, embraced by the American people who know about it, passed with overwhelming support from both sides. Stop the political pandering, or the voters of Nevada won't forget about it in 2016.
-A Concerned American