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false equivalence

Many people here are jumping to far too many conclusions based on a small number of inconsistencies in the story. The answers to Ben Swann's questions may reveal that there was more than one shooter. That, by nature, makes it a conspiracy. But BEING a conspiracy does not make it the doing of the CIA or the government nor does it mean mind control was involved. If more than one person was involved it could be a HUGE number of things:

1) More than one nut job working together.
2) One nut job manipulating another (possibly susceptible) person through threats or lies, and using him as a fall guy.
3) Criminal organization activity
4) Corporate clandestine activity
5) Private clandestine activity
6) Non-US government clandestine activity
7) (and, finally - the conclusion everyone keeps assuming it is) US government clandestine activity

It also could still be a lone nut job who is not a "loner", but rather a person who knows other people and - maybe - was acting weird before this all happened. Friends and/or family might call, being concerned, especially if he made threats or acted strangely before hand.

There are probably scenarios that my list doesn't even cover. The point is, unless you are investigating yourself and have access to the actual evidence, you probably have NO CLUE what is going on. If you use a little bit of reason, however, you can see that a "False-flag" (GOVERNMENT CLANDESTINE ACTIVITY) is highly unlikely. None of the targets were high ranking or seemingly important government officials and no attempt was made to spare innocent lives or keep them from being involved. Private activity - whether an individual, group of individuals, or criminal organization. Corporate espionage is an unlikely culprit, because corporations generally don't like to draw attention to themselves by shooting up theaters - even when they do hire guns to perform acts of violence.

If you must speculate, try to apply a little more reason and a little less paranoia. Not everything goes back to the government - there really are not jobs who kill people for no reason we understand.