Comment: i didn't realize jesse

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i didn't realize jesse

i didn't realize jesse ventura was that disorganized. I was passing out and going to sleep, but didn't he say something about a vat tax. a flat tax?

Jesse Ventura is a statist after all. He said withdraw the troops from around the world, o.k., i get that. and then the next thing that could mirror same importance of our crisis would be to go after the federal reserve, but he said nothing, something about campaign finance reform.

I must say, as an old-timer at the age of 32, i think the issue of the Federal Reserve is just for a few old jedis like Dr. Paul, and the rest of it is the youth. I guess i bring up Jesse Ventura's age and his lack of comittment to the federal reserve question because like most old people, they've spent their lives out of touch with our currency destruction because they all experienced their life and the u.s. economy at a time where the federal reserve was a non-issue not up until it came home to roost these days. Now, they are separated from what really matters. Apparently the Federal Reserve wasn't as important to them, they couldn't see how the rest tied in, and Jesse Ventura went on and on about unions. But if the corporations were back to constitutional law, there would be no corporations like there are now. So i fail to see his logic. i see no logic in Jesse Ventura. He's best just doing his t.v. shows, he serves God's purpose that way, exposnig the fema coffins.