Comment: Shakespeare: Usury => Impotency

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Shakespeare: Usury => Impotency

Usury is actually a tool of hatred, malice, envy and enmity.

"If you hate someone lend him money on interest",= Shylock, a character of the jewish money-lender in Shakespeare's famous play "The Merchant of Venice".

There is another useful quote in the play : "Never a lender or borrower be, for a loan oft loses itself and friend, and usury dulls the edge of husbandry."

Focus on the last words. Look at the usurious society, mind is "busy" with anxiety, thinking about & calculating interest on money, all are involved with damaged heart-valves, the borrower, lender & man-ager. Interest is anti-rest.

The heart is busy & over-worked for supplying blood to the brains, = straining, & depriving other organs the supply of nutritious blood & oxygen, leading to impotency or lack of vigour/ desire in males, & eventual dominance of grumpy females in households.

See what society seeks and what is marketed to its needs, = nudity (more of females), porno, drugs-(viagra),- then there is lack of trust & intimacy, delayed marriages, few babies, increase in divorce, rise of homo-sexuality, lesbians, lower moral standards, un-attended children, = the list of adverse effects is long, but the worst is rise in (ayn rand's) ego-centric selfishness, so society becomes divided in itself, the conflict within - Plus competition with others.
We are living in the Dark Ages, where demons, parasites & blood-sucker$ stalk the traveler. We need Light, so "Let There Be Light", then the creatures of darkness will shy away, hide in their holes. - read Isaiah 2:20, about the late days.