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Cause and effect are not clear at all

There are various reasons people own guns, and there are various reasons they use them. I live amidst a strong gun culture in Wisconsin, yet it has one of the lowest murder rates in the nation. I also lived in a strong gun culture in Missouri, and it had one of the highest murder rates in the country. New York has very low gun ownership (about 1/3 of Wisconsin's) but the murder rate is almost twice as high.

Gun ownership has NOTHING to do with the murder rate one way or the other.

Other countries with low ownership may have low murder rates, but one does not cause the other. The Swiss, for example, have very very high ownership, yet their murder rate is very very low.

GUN OWNERSHIP HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MURDER RATE. You must look to other factors for an explanation of violence. A huge factor in our country is the DRUG WAR.

Enforcing existing gun laws does nothing but impinge on on the freedom of people to buy and own a product. And it MAY result in the inability of people to respond to violence in a meaningful way.