Comment: I'd like to ask RP

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I'd like to ask RP

I'd preface this by saying please just give a yes or no answer so that nothing can be taken out of context and so that any future plans cannot be compromised. It's really just one question asked in 2 different ways so that RP would be clear what I was asking.

Dr Paul,
Regardless of what happens at the RNC next month, can we count on you to stand with us as we move forward and try to regain control of our Government?

I understand that true Freedom and Liberty is our own personally responsiblity and for us to constantly be looking to you for direction and guidance is kind of a crutch.

However, the way I see it our country has two massive broken legs and instead of our legs beginning to heal, it's all we can do to keep the State from breaking both our arms too! So, since we obviously need a crutch until we can at least start hopping on one leg, will you continue to work with us as we re-group and re-organize our fight against the unrestrained power of the State?