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You never did address the issue-how can you be done?

You've failed. Okay, I can accept that.

The issue is that there is no effective mental health care in America, particularly care that can deal with temporary or even chronic extreme emotions, those that can cause gun violence.

Extreme gun violence is a temporary mental problem, a propensity for a specific form of mental illness.

TJ1776 wrote:
"- For this to be valid you would first have to prove that mentally ill people commit a disproportionate number of murders compared to other groups."

The specific form of mental illness I describe above is not even classified as mental illness by the inept industry of mental health care. They have NO WAY of dealing with it, . . . and I've shown there is a way and that government has violated laws to avoid it.

Smart has nothing to do with it. An ability to produce evidence in support of a position is everything. You've lost your position in debate because you've not addressed the evidence supporting my position. You are evading.

My point is that this incompetence needs to be addressed by gun owners and 2nd amendment rights activists otherwise those that would limit gin rights unconstitutionally will be able to do so increasingly as the economy deteriorates and the agenda of constitutional usurpation advances.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?