Comment: I follow cars in town that have RP stickers

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I follow cars in town that have RP stickers

and when they pull into where ever they are going...I get out...introduce myself and shake their hand! I've only had the opportunity to do this twice since I live surrounded by the MIC and 70% of the people around here work on a base and I guess they don't feel comfortable drving on base with an RP sticker.

I'm seeing MORE...not less RP yard signs and stickers than just a few months ago. It makes my day when I see anything with Ron Paul's name on it. I've put probably 50 bumper stickers on the backs of Stop signs and poles...hell...anywhere I could find. I ran out of stickers a while back. I had 5 yard signs. I've used spray adhesive to glue those signs to some really cool places. One is on a store window that is out of business. They won't be getting that one off without breakin the glass. :) It's at an intersection that I go through several times a day so I get to pat myself on the back each time I see it.