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Very Nice

This is a fine piece of mind. To all those of you who are criticizing you need to do some history work. The grounds are being laid for a massacre here. Most people do not want to see it. Many of us want to bury our heads in the sand. But you cannot ignore the evidence. If you do you do not belong on this post. You cannot ignore the declaration of citizenship for the tens of thousands of foreign troops entering this land. You cannot ignore the facts about 9/11. You cannot ignore the staged events like our recent shooting by a medical student with $20,000 dollars worth of expensive military equipment. You cannot ignore the fact that our system is socialized and we are heading for communism. You cannot ignore the facts about Obama's birth records or any other records for that matter. You cannot ignore the 20,000 troops working along side of the police in various states. You cannot ignore the NDAA and other legislation. Fuck all you you who look at present events and see nothing or want to bury your heads in the sand. This land is for people who want to be free and are willing to put work into it. I salute you soldier. Speak your minds!