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approx 2 months ago, I was driving my canary yellow hard top convertible T-bird on my way to sell it to Carmax! lol

It was too yellow and everyone saw me coming from a mile away! Was pretty but really flamboyant! It was given to me by my mom after hurricane Ike drowned my Mustang GT when it hit Galveston with 15 ft of storm surge in 2008... (I'm 2 blocks from the beach…) anyway,

So I'm driving this HOT yellow convertible with my Ron Paul bumper sticker. In bright blue contrast on my back window, it reads, "Ron Paul 2012, the change you wanted!"…

So, I'm driving and happen to look out my side rear view mirror and up from behind me, I see HER coming...! ...a huge black lady, with window rolled up she was passenger and she was bopping and rolling her head, pointing at my car! I saw this as she rolled up along side and we came to a stop at the light.

She was turning her entire 400 lb body to face me and couldn't get the window down to her 1976 model whatever, so she opened the door and rolled her body almost out!

She was screaming at me waving her hands at me, rolling her head, looking back and fourth at the driver who was a white guy and was smiling! 
I'm like WTF?

So I rolled down my window and she settled just a little and started to talk!

"Oooooh! Thats a good man there! YES HE IS! I love me my Ron Paul! He a doctor ya know? He filled my tank!"

I'm listening to her not sure whats coming! lol 
"HE FILLED MY TANK!" she screamed! 
Traffic all around us, stopped at the light people listening to her yell!

She said, "I was with my mama in the middle OF NOWHERE, down in Brazoria and out of gas. Here come Mr. Paul and go inside the store and pay that man for a WHOLE tank of gas. I don't know what we would have done.


She climbed back in her car, white guy driver almost in tears laughing! and she turns her body around and pulls herself back in the car turns her head forward, NEVER once smiled, stone cold serious look on her face, and they drive off!

I will never forget it. I have never had anyone even remotely signal anything about notice of that Ron Paul bumpersticker, on that beautiful car... It was on there for 2 full years and never did anyone say a word to me in my travels. No one ever waved or smiled… nothing... it was bold as the sun too.

I always thought about it while driving, I always thought and wondering while I was driving, if "this" would be the day I have a run in with another Paul supporter on the road and it never happened....IN TWO YEARS! AND I'M IN PAUL'S DISTRICT!!! lol

The last day, of the last mile I'm driving the car to sale, and that happens is beyond my belief!

It was just the best confirmation I could have dreamed of that YES I had the right bumper sticker!

(sorry errors i wrote quickly and hurried!)

That black lady came unglued talking about Dr. Paul and she LOVED him and she showed it. It was obvious Dr. Paul saved her and her mom.

There is NOTHING in Brazoria, about 15 mins from Clute.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016