Comment: Are you really asking for a critique?

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Are you really asking for a critique?

With the Tampa Convention coming up, making something from nothing but liberty is the theme of the R3volution.

Th Mistake the leader Ghoulinani made in 2008 is to shoot down giving media attention to an unknown.

Ron Paul seized the moment.

We don't want to repeat that mistake by shooting down at the Libertarian Party. As you point out the LP has got nothing but the liberty movement. Why should DP toot their horn and use their name.

We have a convention where the talk will be about the restoring the Constitution and how it is the surest and safest way to liberty for all.

But there are important Congressional primaries coming up, let us not fritter away the chance to dump a few of the terrible incumbents who have been infringing our rights and breaking their oaths of office.

I really see no spend time on anything but local races. The Executive is only one broken part of this broken system.

Free includes debt-free!