Comment: You're very welcome, my friend.

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You're very welcome, my friend.

You are correct. It will be from the status quo that the trouble comes. They will do everything they can to shut us and Dr. Paul out. That's why Ron Paul needs everyone there. That's why he doesn't lash out about the injuries our people received and instead tells us to act like little angels in Tampa.

I'm so glad the veterans will be there, too. I hope they turn out in huge numbers for everyone to see. I remember watching the march on Presidents Day with my husband. He sat there watching with tears in his eyes and I watched in awe and kept thinking, "Thank God those guys are on our side!"

You know I love you and pray for you, too, Granger. Yes, it will be the elite of the GOP behind any violence that may happen and we know it and Dr. Paul and his staff know it. That is also the reason you get so many down votes on some of your comments, the nastiness of the den of vipers you've entered into gets projected on to you, a real, honest to goodness Patriot. Glad you learned from the documentary. You will be stronger for it. God bless you, Granger.

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