Comment: It is POINTLESS to think that one is a "sinner"

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It is POINTLESS to think that one is a "sinner"

Why not say we are all "consumers" -- at least from their the logical extension would be (and a happy one) that of Consumer-Sovereignty (Mises -- RP's Mentor).

Can you imagine "Sinner-Sovereignty?" Who would want that on their bumper sticker, smile.

Obviously Witherspoon did not understand Meme-Theory.

You will not see "viral" trending on Google Analytics for "Sinner Sovereignty"

Any page you find discussing sin will have a low number of views, followers, or shares compared to topics people like and care about.

Now "sinner fail" -- where we get to watch sinners face-plant off their skate-boards, that would get a lot of hits.

Ron Paul "liberty" will trend better than Ron Paul "sinner"

This is not the Daily-Sinner (you should go buy that by-the-by).

For you sinner-lovin' folk -- when I say human, you say sinner -- human *blinks* (say it)........Okay, when I say human, you say sinner........human *blinks*

Worse -- it's not only that sinner = human (so why not just say human) it's that it's "perpetual-sinner" (you guys like to be clear on that).

The problem with people is that we "one-up" each other (naturally) and when it relates to natural things-thoughts-actions that's great -- competition. But when people one-up each other over sin (meaning they develop gradations of sins) then a caste system forms.

People naturally think, "if my son/daughter becomes a preacher, or a priest, or marries one (not the priest)" then I will be more fortunate. They do think this way.

It's because if anyone has a chance to be a "less" of a sinner it's a preacher -- which is why you see sinners abdicating their understanding of scripture over-to another sinner (preacher) -- who is the fastest and loudest and most vociferous claimer of sinnfullness.

I once heard to preachers "bragging" about who was the greatest sinner and while listening to their laundry list of horrible deeds I sat there and thought "I rarely curse in my mind, I never steal, and lie and covet less than these fools" *dismount to conclusion* "I'm 'better' then them and I never spend anytime thinking about how I'm a sinner" -- maybe that's the key.

For Mises human = consumer

See there's Big Bang or Big God Spark; either or, this was the ONLY moment of production -- everything that followed was "consumption"

Consumption means -- to transform, to use, to waste (diminish)

We consume -- ideas, thoughts, energy, fuel, words, sounds, nutrients, water, air, emotions, tools, and resources.

We can ONLY consume

So if God and Jesus are the ONLY non-sinners then they must not be "consumers" rather they are pure observers.

Try not being a consumer for 5mins -- when you turn blue you'll breathe again, hahahaha.