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There's a difference between

There's a difference between people and their governments. In many nations(much of the western) there are massive protests against US involvement. But if you need a more solid example(and this echoes throughout nations in the region), Japan has actually sent individuals to ask for the US to give back the land that our bases are on. There are bases maintained on 'conquests' of WW2 that are still run and kept from the Japanese. These 'representatives' were pretty much ignored on the issue of bases.

And the power vacuum reasoning is broken, it's the same bullshit as the 'Red Scare'. How many times do we have to see it done that our bases often CREATE more conflict than they stop.

This is what I meant by 'delusions', 'Terrorism spreading' is NO DIFFERENT than the Red Scare, yet you people continue to fall for the fearmongering... Just like Keynesianism, if you give a half 'logically sounding' explanation to Tyranny and Warmongering, most people will fall for it again and again, no matter what banner it's under.