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Maybe some people are

Maybe some people are speaking incorrectly... what I heard AJ saying was that scopolamine allows people to lose their will-power and can't remember the time they are on it.

If that is the case, as I explained in the post above, a victim could be told to do acts and they would do them without remembering. Brainwashing would be wiping someone's complete memories after the fact - I don't know if there is a drug that can do that.

AS far as SSRI's are concerned, people do go into hallucinations and mania rages because of these drugs. I think what AJ is saying about those drugs is that coupled with a society of violence and violent imagery surrounding us that those on these drugs can flip-out resulting in very violent acts. I don't know whether it would be possible to use SSRIs to trigger an event but it isn't being suggested that you just give some people Prozac and tell them to do something and they do it. So maybe there is just some miscommunication. I have never heard AJ say that.

Fluoride is suggested to make people more docile or prohibit critical thinking, not necessarily make them brain-dead.