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Your Article Made Me Think

..Post hit me perhaps on a couple of side-notes to it. On another thread we were talking (or I was) about how most huge technological companies are funded initially, or later, by DARPA. RHINO suggested I read "Tuxedo Park" to better understand how this business/government transition came about.

The result, of course, is duel purposes. And you make your deal with the devil front end. All of a sudden your technology is not only being used and marketed for very useful and desired consumer purposes, but also for all kinds of surveillance, war technology, synthetic foods, drugs with nefarious purpose, etc. I can see how they get sucked in.

So our phones are really *trackers* with multiple purposes. It occurred to me that it might actually be helpful if we stopped *naming* things by what we are told they are and instead by what we use them for. So, our phones are *trackers* for us and *trackers for the businesses involved* and *trackers* for the government. Bleshck..truth hurts!

I have a DROID only because I need the square and the square is such a deal comparatively and offers so much more that you have to have it if you process credit cards. Very clever planning behind that. Wasn't hard to get me to sign up for that tracker. It has all my credit sales information. And, I know that is being very easily tracked in a lot of ways and for a lot of purposes that I didn't sign up for. I can see how the consumer gets sucked in..

Don't know how I can feel good about these *trackers*...(but have to have them.) Now take your soma.